Common Message Hare

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General rules

Start Of Game
  • Based on player count, 2 or 3 packs of 53 cards and one joker each, are used.
  • The order of the play is decided by a toss at the start of the game, where each player is dealt a card, and order is the rank of the card in Descending order.
  • 13 cards are dealt randomly to each player as their hand.
  • A card is selected randomly from the deck as the Joker/wildcard . If a printed Joker is selected, then Ace card is considered as the wildcard for that game.
  • Another card from the pack is placed in the open deck at the start of the game.
Game Play
  • A player, on their turn must pick a card from the open deck or closed deck.
  • Player is allowed to think and play only within the allotted turn time.
  • Player is automatically dropped if he/she does not respond during their turn, by selecting a card and discarding any.
  • Cards discarded by players are shown under the discards view. This view will display all the discarded cards specific to each player under each player name.
  • One cannot pick a Joker from the Open deck, except when it is the first card for the first player’s turn.
  • When all the cards in the closed deck is used, cards from the open deck are all reshuffled and placed as the new closed deck, except the card that is recently in the open deck.


  • Draw : Card is drawn by clicking on the open deck or closed deck.
  • Discard : Selecting any card will show the function to discard that card Clicking on discard, discards it to open the deck.
  • Finish : Selecting any card also shows the function to Finish. If a finish slot is available on the table, the card can be dropped into the finish slot also. On finishing, a confirmation is asked for the groups.
  • Declare : After the groups are arranged to the player’s content, Declare function is pressed to complete the process for validation-submission. Now the groups declared are checked for valid grouping. If the group is valid, the player is declared winner. But if the grouping is invalid, the player is fined-a full count.
  • Sort : As soon as a player is dealt their hand; sort can be selected, to arrange the cards into 4 groups based on suit.
  • Group : Selecting two or more cards will pop up this function, and on clicking ‘group’, the cards selected is grouped together.
  • Open cards : This function displays all the cards discarded by the players, which are accumulated in the open deck. This is also called “Discards”.
  • Deadwood- Cards that are not set into a sequence or groups and remain without matching cards are dead wood. Rummy is all about reducing the number of Deadwoods in the hand.
  • Count : As already mentioned before- value cards have the same count as their value and all face cards A, K, Q, J have ‘10’ as their count. SO, if some player finishes first, then the rest of the players should take toll of all the deadwoods in their hand & count them.
  • Ace : Ace card (A) is a special case, where even though they have a count of ‘10’, they can be used both-
    • A, K, Q, J sequence ‘and’
    • A, 2, 3, 4… Sequence.
  • Drop : If one’s hand is not good, they can just drop their hand.
    • A full count is “80 points” always. i.e., even if all the cards in a player’s hand, are deadwoods and they total to more than 120, the count is ‘80’ points.
    • Middle drop : When the player decides to stop playing before another finishes, it is called a middle drop and the points given to that palaver is ‘40’ points (Half of full count)
    • First Drop : When the player drops his hand as soon as the game starts, then it is first drop which is only ‘20’ points.
      • First drop => 20 points
      • Middle drop => 40 points
      • Full count => 80 points
Note : These points will vary based on the game being played. For 201 Pool it is:
  • First drop => 25 points
  • Middle drop => 50 points
  • Full count => 80 points