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Refer A Friend

Refer a friend

The more friends you refer to the site and bring to the 1toKing tables, the more you benefit, as explained below:


Get Rs. 1000 from each of your Friends just by bringing them to the site and playing with them on

Earn 100% of each of your Friend's first deposit as bonus up to Rs.1000. Share your joy of playing rummy and enjoy the benefits.

To receive this benefit:
  • Step1: The player should go to the following page after logging in to account,
  • Step2: Under the ‘Refer a Friend’ page, the player should type the email ID of the ‘friend’ into the input box to invite. A standard referral invite with the unique referral code will be sent to the friend’s inbox.
  • Step3: Check the ‘Refer a Friend Summary’ page to track all the RAF related bonus. The details available here are: the User-id, Status, Amount received, and Date.
  • Step4: Repeat the above steps and enjoy.
  • Step5: Kindly check our RAF Terms below and also the general Bonus Terms & Conditions for more information.


In addition to the above mentioned RAF Bonus, You can also benefit from rake-back of games your friends play on the site. You refer, your friends play and you earn. As simple, as that.

We share with you the rake your friend generates from playing cash games on 1toKing. This is our way of thanking you for bringing your friend to the site.

In a normal rake back concept, benefits are usually given to the immediate referrer. i.e. player 1 who referred player 2 gets a percentage of the rake contributed by player 2, as a compliment for referring player2 to the system. Here Player 1 who is the referrer, gets benefited. But in our newly proposed Triple Referral (TRAF) scheme, benefits are distributed to three tiers above the player.

For example, consider that player 4 is referred by player 3, player 3 referred by player 2 and player2 is referred by player 1. Then on every instance player 4 contributes Rake to the system, portion of the rake contributed is distributed to players 1, 2 and 3.



refer rake

Rake back is given to the referrers of all the players involved in the table who have contributed real cash, even if the player is a winner or a loser.

If player 4 plays and wins in a game, a percentage, say 15%, is taken from the pot amount as rake and the remaining goes to the winner, in this case it is player 4.

Now the revenue that the system gained from this game is 15%. Out of the above 15% revenue, 10% goes to the system directly and the remaining 5% is transferred to the referrers of the player who has won the table/round as below:

  • 2% to the immediate referrer – player 3 (Tier 1)
  • 2% to the referrer above player3 – player 2 (Tier 2)
  • 1% to the referrer above player 2 – player 1 (Tier 3)

Similarly, even if Player 4 loses the game, he will have contributed Rake to the system at 15%. From this 15%, the 5% is distributed to tiers above the player.

  • This amount is added to the referrer’s real chip wallet, which can be immediately withdrawn.
  • The rake contribution is distributed in both case of winning and losing.
  • In case if there is no referrer or the three tier architecture is incomplete, the remaining percentage is taken back to the system.
  • If a player uses 'promo chips' then no rake back is provided
  • The rake back will be always calculated from the Net Rake
  • Net Rake= (Grossrake – Bonus) - Service Tax
  • Players should have deposited and played at least one cash game to benefit from this scheme.
  • The benefit is added to real balance and is withdraw able.
  • If there are no referrers in any of the tier architecture, then the percentage is not changed. For example, if as above, player 4 wins, then player 3 gets 2%. But if player 3 was not referred by anyone, then the remaining 3% (2% for tier 2 and 1% for tier 1) is taken back to the system.
  • The rake benefit distribution is provided only to the Referrers of the player who has won the table/round.
  • A player will entitled receive this benefit from each and every player referred by the player.