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Loyalty Program


1toking Loyalty Army – Come join the Army!

1toking Loyalty Army is the loyalty rewarding program of 1toking. It defines the loyalty access level attributed to a player’s account. The more a player plays, the more he benefits.

Army Levels:

1toking loyalty army consists of 5 Levels and each level opens the door to better offers and higher cash bonuses. Earning Loyalty point is the key to climbing the ladder which can be achieved by a player by contributing rake to 1toking.

How it works

Accumulation of loyalty point depends on both the rake being generated and loyalty level the player is currently placed. The theme here is understandably the army structure and becoming King is the target.

The loyalty levels are:


The process starts with players depositing real cash into the site and start playing Real Cash games. So as already described, the equation is based on the real cash rake generated by the player to earn loyalty points.

• First level - Soldier, the player can earn 100 loyalty points for 100 Rs rake generation.

• Captain level, 105 loyalty points awarded for the same 100Rs rake contributed.

• General level, it will be 115 loyalty points for 100Rs rake contributed.

• Prince level, there is an increase of 10 points in the loyalty, so the player gets 125 loyalty points for the same 100rs rake contribution.

• Final King Level, the player will get 135 loyalty points for every 100Rs rake contributed.

Higher the rake contributed, higher the points accumulated. Higher the points accumulated, higher the level players reach. Higher the level players reach, higher the benefits the player received. Thus the rake, levels and points go hand in hand.

Simple representation on the points required to unlock your level in the army:


Expiry Date

Each loyalty level unlocked has an expiry time of 4 months. During this period the player must maintain the points required for the current level they have climbed to. If the player does not earn enough points, they are pushed down to the previous level below.

Any change in level, be it climbing into a new or being pushed down a level, will be deemed as the starting point for the next 4 month period. Thus the expiry period is dynamic.