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Instant Bonus


Instant Bonus:

Join 1toKing and get a maximum of Rs.75 as instant cash you can use to play on cash tables. Start playing on 1toking Rummy tables immediately without depositing any cash on your account. You can get more benefits like Welcome Bonus, Top-up Bonus and RAF Bonus only if you deposit. If you cannot wait to play your favorite rummy games on 1toking, we provide you with the instant cash.

Get Rs.25 instantly on successful verification of your account. The rest is added to your account subsequently on logins on the site continuously for two more days after you have successfully registered and verified your account. That is, Rs.25 for each day of continuous login, meaning Rs.50 more in a matter of 2 days. In total, you can thus receive Rs.75 instant cash.

To receive this benefit:
  • Step1: Register on 1toking with your unique username and verify your mail to complete the process. Get Rs.25 instantly on completing this step.
  • Step2: You can play on the site immediately with the Rs.25 cash. If you want to continue playing after exhausting the amount, you can deposit cash to your account.
  • Step3: The very next day, if you login to the site to play, you get instant additional Rs.25 in your account. Keep enjoying 1toKing.
  • Step4: If you come back to the site and login on the third day, you get another Rs.25 to continue playing and feel like a King.
  • Step5: So, being active on the site continuously for 3 days, gets you Rs.75 in total as instant cash.
  • If the continuity is broken in between, that is, if you do not login on the second day, then the Bonus ends there and you are not eligible to get the additional Rs.50.
  • Similarly, if you miss the third day, by chance, then you are again not eligible to get the additional Rs.25, even if you login on the fourth day and fifth day continuously.
  • This Bonus is only active for the First, Second and the Third day, and will not continue after that.
  • You must verify your email id to start this Bonus release. Just registering on the site is not enough.
  • Kindly check our general Bonus Terms & Conditions for more information.