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How to Play



  • INDIAN Rummy is usually a game with- 2 DECKS with 2 JOKERS/ WILDCARDS in total.
  • The cards are of the four suits in ascending order of importance:


  • Cards from low to high-
    • Ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, Jack, Queen & King.
    • Ace is special and can combine at the end with King too in sequence:
      • Ace,2,3,4… is valid.
      • Ace, King, Queen, is also valid.
  • Face cards are 10pts- A, K, Q, J. The rest are respective values.
  • Ace used as both 1 value & Face card when forming sets.
  • Rummy, in essence, is a game played between 2 to 6 players, where each player has to, in turn, draw & discard one card until the 13 cards dealt initially forms a sequence in sets. (Explained in detail later).



A single deck of cards consists of 52 cards and two (2) printed Joker/ Wildcard.

  • 52 cards are- 4 sets of 13 cards from 2 to 10 and other face value cards like A, K, Q, J in 4 different suits:


  • A-Ace
  • K-King
  • Q-Queen
  • J-Jack
  • Joker/Wildcard is used as a substitute for any card of player's choice.
  • Value- Each card represents itself in value-
  • 2 => 2 (two) in values as points
  • 10 => 10 (ten) in values as points
  • 7 => 7 (seven) in values as points
  • Face cards are all valued at 10 points
  • A, K, Q, K => 10=> 10 (ten) in values as points
  • The Joker is ‘Zero’ points.



  • Each player is dealt 13 cards each, in random, as their hand.
  • The aim of rummy game is to improve one’s hand by picking and discarding cards on each player’s turn.
  • A good hand is when the cards are grouped in the chains of a proper - sequence of cards; such that the total of 13 cards in hand has zero points of value. i.e., cards are all in groups.


  • After 13 cards are dealt to players, the rest of the cards are grouped together face down as closed deck.
  • Players take cards from this deck in their turns.
  • Below the closed deck the random wildcard is placed
  • Wildcard: in addition to the printed Joker / Wild card another random card is selected as a wild card and thus the number of wild cards in a deck is increased.
For example:

If 9 (diamond) is selected as the wildcard, all the cards of 9 value becomes the wild card =>


So in addition to two printed Jokers, there are the 4 more wild cards in a single deck. (6 in total)


  • Players exchange cards with ones in their hand and the closed deck. The cards discarded are accumulated in the open deck.
  • In a player’s turn, a player can either pick a card from the closed or open deck, but cards are always discarded onto the open deck.


  • The rummy game is represented online by replacing a real game table with a virtual table, with seats represented by icons / avatar.
  • Open a deck & close deck and also the main player’s cards are placed on this table for easy viewing.
  • Opponents are shown as named avatars. Their hands are of course not visible.
  • The player can interact with is carded by clicking and selecting them. He can also drag the cards to desired positions.


  • The purpose of Rummy is to complete a hand with all cards formed into sets or/and sequence.
  • Sequence is comprised of 3 or more cards of the same suit and in consecutive order:


  • A set is formed of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank but different suit


  • 2 sequences are a must for a valid hand.
  • Players cannot have a hand entirely of sets. There must be at least 2 sequences.
  • If the sequence is formed with a wildcard, one of the other sequences in hand must be natural or pure without Joker /Wildcard.
  • Priority:
    • 1st –Make a pure sequence
    • 2nd- additional sequence with joker or otherwise
    • 3rd- Arrange other cards as sequence or sets.